Massachusetts Nonprofit Network

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN) is a statewide non-profit organization that works with various stakeholders in the development sector—nonprofits, donors, community and corporate leaders, and elected officials—to strengthen nonprofits and raise the sector’s voice on critical issues. MNN works with more than 700 nonprofit members from all across Massachusetts. The organization achieves its goals of advocacy, public awareness, and capacity-building through government partnerships, media outreach, networking events etc.

Commonwealth Stats Upgrade

We extended the functionality of the Commonwealth Stats data visualization tools. Our project was to add features and improve one of MNN’s projects, Commonwealth Stats, a data science tool that provides specific demographic data about cities/counties in Massachusetts. It also allows users to compare demographic data across the counties and cities. Initially, the tool provided county-level information on the income, age and education level parameters. We added a city-data functionality which enables the user to look at data by city or country. We also added the employment status, race, ethnicity and language spoken at home fields to the tool.

— Zoe Anderson, Kaveri Nadhamuni, Lior Hirschfeld, Eliza Khokhar

Fall 2017

Jewish Vocational Services

The Jewish Vocational Society is a local non-profit focused on providing education and occupational assistance to the Boston community. They work to providing training for minority groups, refugees, and Boston’s less privileged population in order to help them find and prepare jobs.

Easy-Access Information App

We developed an accessible Android application for JVS's refugee clients. For our project, we worked with JVS to develop an app for their refugee client base. JVS wanted to make information more accessible to the general population, specifically by creating an interface that is simple and easy to utilize. We built an Android app for navigating information such as event calendars, English learning resources, and contact information. We focused on making everything simple to use--both for the app users, and for the JVS employees who will be updating the information presented by the app.

— Collin Potts

Fall 2017

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to matching people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with life-long mentors. By providing meaningful relationships, Best Buddies hopes to facilitate more fulfilling lives for both mentors and mentees.

Google Sheets Add-on for Volunteer Matching

We simplified the volunteer match-making process. We created a spreadsheet solution to make matching pairs easier. Firstly, we crafted a form that would make information entry easier. Secondly, we developed an addon for Google maps to visualize physical distance between prospective matches.

— Gabriel Ramirez, Victor Reyes, Emily Cheng

Fall 2017

Green Streets Initiative

Green Streets Initiative encourages people across the world to make healthy and environment-friendly decisions when traveling. On the last Friday of each month, Green Streets holds Walk/Ride Day, in which people switch to an alternate mode of transportation, such as walking, biking, public transportation, or carpooling, that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions and burn more calories. Participants are rewarded through discounts in restaurants and retail. Green Streets also holds an annual Corporate Challenge for companies.

Corporate Challenge Employee Tracker

Help companies understand the impact of Walk/Ride day on their carbon savings. We did so by making an employer interface where each employer can access their employees’ check-in data, as well as overall statistics for each month and each year. Some statistics include percentage of employee participation, total calories burned, total carbon dioxide emitted and saved, modes of transportation and total duration traveled for each mode for both Walk-Ride Day and Normal Days, and graphs of progress over the past year.

— Cynthia Zhou, Janice Lee

Fall 2016

Details on other projects we've done coming soon!