Green Streets Initiative

Green Streets Initiative encourages people across the world to make healthy and environment-friendly decisions when traveling. On the last Friday of each month, Green Streets holds Walk/Ride Day, in which people switch to an alternate mode of transportation, such as walking, biking, public transportation, or carpooling, that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions and burn more calories. Participants are rewarded through discounts in restaurants and retail. Green Streets also holds an annual Corporate Challenge for companies.

Corporate Challenge Employee Tracker

Help companies understand the impact of Walk/Ride day on their carbon savings. We did so by making an employer interface where each employer can access their employees’ check-in data, as well as overall statistics for each month and each year. Some statistics include percentage of employee participation, total calories burned, total carbon dioxide emitted and saved, modes of transportation and total duration traveled for each mode for both Walk-Ride Day and Normal Days, and graphs of progress over the past year.

— Cynthia Zhou, Janice Lee

Fall 2016