Green Streets Initiative

Green Streets Initiative encourages people across the world to make healthy and environment-friendly decisions when traveling. On the last Friday of each month, Green Streets holds Walk/Ride Day, in which people switch to an alternate mode of transportation, such as walking, biking, public transportation, or carpooling, that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions and burn more calories. Participants are rewarded through discounts in restaurants and retail. Green Streets also holds an annual Corporate Challenge for companies.

Database and data visualization

We managed a database and created diagrams of the information it held. Students managed a given database by employing additional information into a PostgreSQL database, producing a table of 9 columns that includes the ID, home and work zip codes, carbon change and savings, and primary and secondary modes of transportation of an individual participating in Green Streets Initiative’s Walk/Ride days. They also implemented data visualization by using Python scripts to build a sankey diagram of travel modes and geographic plot of carbon savings by zip code, using CSV files where additional informational or testing data were needed.

— Hanna, Jocelyn, Kathryn, Gary, Shushu

Fall 2018

MS Cure Fund

MS Cure Fund is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to: Increasing awareness and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis and its debilitating symptoms, providing help and information to newly diagnosed patients, conducting educational programs & seminars for patients, along with MS neurologist led forums for support & case discussion, raising much needed funds going directly to the scientists and clinicians researching a cure for MS.

HTML Events Grid Calendar

We implemented a basic grid calendar for the site "events"/"find programs" page. We decided to develop our own grid HTML calendar, which would wait for events to be loaded via liquid before using JavaScript to inject these events and their properties into the HTML between the website’s location request and the list calendar. Difficulties included checking the month of the event to display, the order of appending various HTML elements that would flow with the timing of accessing the liquid variables as well as stay consistent, and guessing the structure of the properties of liquid variables that stored submitted events. We also added some visual elements, like matching the color scheme of the website and event information popovers.

— Alex Tran, Cleverina Cong, Daniela Guillen, Victoria Juan

Spring 2018