Boston Children's Museum

Boston Children's Museum engages children and families in joyful discovery experiences that instill an appreciation of our world, develop foundational skills, and spark a lifelong love of learning.

Interactive map visualization

We built a web-app to illustrate an interactive exhibition map. Students built a web-app using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that holds an interactive map built on top of the existing Museum Map of the three exhibits’ floor plans. Over each exhibition room, the team placed a button such that when the user clicks on a room, a pop-up will appear that contains an image and description for the exhibition. This way, users are able to see what exhibits and activities a room has so they can plan their visits better. These pop-ups were created using the Modal Box method in CSS/JS.

— Katherine Xiong, Madie Wang, Meryl Wang, Cindy Zhang

Spring 2019

Boston Rescue Mission

Boston Rescue Mission's goals are to offer resources that prevent and end homelessness; support the recovery, health, faith, and independence of those who have a history of substance use, incarceration, and homelessness; raise awareness about the root causes of homelessness, addiction, and incarceration; serve our guests and residents and each other with respect, integrity, and grace; continue to learn, grow, and excel in our services, and be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our supporters.

Data processing and migration

We migrated and cleaned data to storage in Salesforce. Students developed a Python script using the pandas library to migrate Boston Rescue Mission’s donor data from the current DonorPerfect system to Salesforce. The data contains approximately 57,000 donors, with information ranging from their names and contact information, past donations, and preferred methods of contact. The team cleaned the data to create a mapping of information fields from DonorPerfect to the new information fields in Salesforce.

— Allison Htun, Steven Okada, Alicia Weng

Spring 2019