Chinese Culture Connection

The mission of Chinese Culture Connection (CCC) is to promote intercultural harmony, strengthen the diverse communities and build bridges between American and Chinese citizens through interactive educational programs and the arts.

New organization website

We built a new website for CCC incorporating accessibility and user profiles We built a website with a new and more accessible front-end and made the backend more compatible with the organization's needs. We also incorporated a database to track user information.

— Alison Fang, Felix Li, Philena Liu, Hanna Yang, Jesse Yang

Fall 2020


We’re a nonprofit dedicated to improving public health by inspiring individuals and organizations to embrace the healthy, sustainable joys of the “old ways” of eating—heritage-based diets high in taste, nourishment, sustainability, and joy.

Data Analysis

Presented insights from Oldways' classes using a website We used the Python packages Streamlit to develop the website, Pandas to store and analyze Oldways' class data, and Plotly to create graphs of it. The project provided the organization with better reporting tools and allowed them to track performance of students in classes.

— Raunak Chowdhuri, Neha Govil, Kiersten Mitzel, Kevin Tong, Sophie Reynolds

Fall 2020

Opportunities for Inclusion

Our mission is to serve children, adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in the community, utilizing a person-centered planning approach. We provide quality, flexible programs, services and supports which maximize independence, foster inclusion, promote self-advocacy and build community connections.

Virtual tour + new payment platform

We created an interactive map of the OFI facilities in Waltham and changed their donation system. The students utilized HTML, CSS and JS to create an virtual tour of Opportunities for Inclusion's buildings in Waltham, and changed their donation platform to Donorbox as it presented the organization with more options for receiving/processing donations.

— Maxwell Jiang, Ashley Granquist, Julia Xia

Fall 2020

Parents Helping Parents

We empower parents to nurture children and build stronger families. Our prevention philosophy is grounded in a self-help model based on the belief that parents are capable of developing their own solutions when given the space, encouragement, and community resources that they need.

Mobile Support App

We developed an Android/iOS app tailored to support younger parents, delivering on-demand parenting resources to the smartphone generation. The application will allow access to the resources of the Parents Helping Parents organization, allowing for a stress phone and text line, group calendars, easy in-app donation, and fast registration for online support groups/workshops. News articles on parenting will also be delivered. We used Figma for prototyping, and developed the web app in React Native. Github was used for source control.

— Jenny Cai, Jenny Zhao, Yuxuan Zheng, Cici Xu

Fall 2020