Third Sector New England

TSNE is the corporate sponsor of over sixty social justice programs in the local Boston area. They provide management and leadership resources to nonprofits, helping to strengthen nonprofits and build capacity so that they can make deeper impacts in their communities.

We created a visualization tool to better examine TSNE's dataset on nonprofit leadership. TSNE recently conducted a multi-part survey of leaders in the non-profit sector to examine the state of leadership in New England non-profit organizations, examining such topics as non-profit leadership, leaders' relationship with the board of directors and non-profit sustainability, among others. We created generalized visualization tool that accommodates visualization of any two variables in the non-profit leadership.

— Pamela W., Rebekah B., Skanda K.

Artists for Humanity

Artists for Humanity is a non-profit that helps high school students explore art and creativity. Students in the program come from all backgrounds and have a wide range of artistic experience. Professional artists teach them how to paint. Afterwards, their artwork may be sold to buyers. The program is an outlet for students from their daily lives, and many students become inspired to go on to study art or a related subject in college.

We created a tool to efficiently keep track of students' report card data. Artists for Humanity volunteers and interns can now scan in report cards to gather data instead of spending over 30 hours every term manually inputting grades. Our tool uses an optical character recognition API to read student names, classes, and grades, and gives users the option to edit any possible errors afterwards.

— Hyungie S., Jason M., Kimberly L.

Change is Simple

Change is Simple brings in hands-on and memorable environmental education programs into classrooms. They inspire a passion for the natural world by tying in ELA and STEM curriculum objectives into lessons about how our everyday actions and communities are connected and impacted by the environment. Kids learn how they experience science everyday, and how their decisions affect the environment.

We created a website where people can log their actions taken through Change is Simple. Previously, students would track various environmental impacts through activities like home energy audits and tracking electricity usage, all on paper. Our work has allowed Change is Simple to move this tracking to an online system. This website not only allows students to log sustainable changes they've been making, but also view class statistics, give positive feedback, and make the process exciting and interactive for everyone involved.

— Asya B., Lawrence W., Songela C., Victor L.

Compass Working Capital

Compass Working Capital (Compass) provides financial services to low-income families. They help families to build savings and financial capabilities in order to have a sound financial future. Compass achieves their goals primarily by pairing families with coaches that provide financial guidance.

We developed a streamlined reminders and scheduling system to pair up clients and coaches. The SMS-based system helps keep track of reminders and rescheduling, and notifies users through text messages and calendar reminders. Our system also allows clients to directly contact coaches if they need additional help. It is connected to iCalendar and Twilio but can easily be integrated with other providers. Furthermore, our system can support multiple languages for clients whose first language is not English.

— Aneesh A., Joshua T., Zachary N.

Cure Alzheimer's Fund

Cure Alzheimer's Fund's mission is to fund research with the highest probability of preventing, slowing, or reversing Alzheimer's disease through venture-based philanthropy. They have contributed more than $34,000,000 to research, and its funded initiatives have been responsible for several key breakthroughs.

We automated CureAlz's data collection process to allow for a reduction in required man-hours, as well as higher resolution in funding data throughout the year. Our project had two goals: collect the desired data from Google Scholar and NIH RePORTER, and allow for easy, constant access to the data. This work has eliminated the need for CureAlz's annual data-collection-a-thon, in which a team spent an entire day compiling information about the research their donations have funded.

— Hunter G., Matthew P., Srinivas K.

Multicultural Village

Multicultural Village aims to "promote constructive conversations on prejudice, discrimination, and racism while educating community members to hold authentic dialogue for self reflection and social change." They host peacemaking circles where people build trust and hold intentional conversations on conflicts and injustice. The goal is give everyone an opportunity to understand racism and other prejudices, and discover a way to change both themselves and their communities for the better.

We developed an interactive map where Multicultural Village can display information about their recent and upcoming peacemaking circle events. As Multicultural Village grows and reaches out to other communities, our map makes their event information more readily accessible. Users can RSVP to events, make service donations, and leave feedback on events that they attended.

— Dian M., Sam S., Veronica L.

Science Club for Girls

The Science Club for Girls fosters excitement, confidence and literacy in STEM for girls from underrepresented communities by providing free, experiential programs and by maximizing meaningful interactions with women mentors in science, technology, engineering & mathematics. SCFG maintains a "Letters to My Young Self" section for people to share wisdom they've accumulated from their life experiences with their younger selves. People not only send messages from the future to their younger selves but also to the many present-day girls at that same age.

We improved the Letters to My Young Self section on the SCFG website. We displayed the letters in a more interesting and dynamic way, added an online submissions tool to solicit new content, organized content based on categories and keywords, and implemented approval steps to filter out inappropriately submitted messages. (link)

— Lisa T., Malika S., Richard L., Tiffany W.

Mina's List

Mina's List seeks to realize women's equal and substantive representation in national governments around the world. Mina's List is currently working in Afghanistan to empower women politicians by removing societal barriers such as male-dominated fundraising frameworks.

We created a cross-platform mobile app that allows candidates to create profiles and upload information about their campaign. Each candidate also has a Paypal account linked to their profile, so that they are able to accept donations. Non-candidate users of the app have the opportunity to look through all the profiles, filtering by city, country, etc., and easily making a donation to the campaign via PayPal. We hope this app will help to empower women across the globe as they seek to change the status quo in politics.

— Anna S., Banti G., Christine K.


i-Trek stands for "I Turn Research into Empowerment and Knowledge". Founded in 2013, the organization aims to promote diversity among STEM degree recipients. They give student "Trekkers" the opportunity to work in groups and fully design, develop, and execute a research project. i-Trek enables students to travel to conduct research, and provides them with mentorship throughout the process. Underserved and underrepresented students are equipped with the skills and resources they need to succeed through this hands-on research, and through career development programs.

We added a timeline feature to the i-Trek website that allows sponsors to see the impact of their contributions and advance i-Trek's mission to empower young students. The timeline displays each year of the program. Users can filter through different categories of updates (fundraising, planning, and actions). The timeline posts are stored in an online database, and students can add new posts to the current year's timeline after administrative approval. These posts can include text, pictures, videos, and research papers, so students have the freedom to show their work in whatever way they feel best represents the progress they have made.

— Charlie A., Sam F., Michelle L.


Earthwatch focuses on connecting scientists to volunteers. Most people would never get the chance to travel around the world to explore newly discovered species of birds or research sustainable farming. Yet, scientists who need to perform experiments often need several more volunteers to help them finish their work. Earthwatch gives volunteers a chance to experience researching and traveling, while helping scientists with their experiments.

We built a classifier to analyze previous expeditions and determine whether a given expedition will have enough volunteers or be cancelled. Given all the information about a specific expedition, Earthwatch can use the classifier to determine what the most likely final status would be. A SVM looks at data such as number of required volunteers and determines with 70% accuracy whether the expedition would occur. Our tool also determines with 90% accuracy the actual logistical minimum capacity for a given expedition.

— Amin M., Mayuri S.