Gore Place


Gore Place aims to preserve and promote the country estate of Christopher and Rebecca Gore, helping tell the story of early 19th century American life.

We made an interactive map of the estate so people can get a sense of the property and its many distinctions. We worked with Gore Place's mapmaker to come up with a background for the interactive map, as well as their web designer to keep the feel of the website consistent. The new map includes zooming, mobile support, and pop-ups that describe important landmarks around the estate. Check out our project here!

— Jeremy Bogle, Elliot Forde

Alzheimer's Association


The Alzheimer’s Association works on a global, national and local level to provide care and support for all those affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias

We created a cohesive and dynamic volunteer database for the Alzheimer’s Association. We used Firebase to create a user friendly volunteer database so that administrators could easily read and search the database, with ability for users to log in with a Google or Facebook account and sign waivers online.

— Kathryn Jiang, Leon Cheng, Liz Martin

Melrose Alliance Against Violence


The Melrose Alliance Against Violence focuses on outreach, education and community collaboration in order to raise awareness of the problems of bullying, teen dating and domestic violence. Our programs include community awareness activities, outreach and support for victims, training for parents and professionals, and education and prevention programs for youth.

We redesigned the MAAV website to make it user-friendly, responsive, and fresh. Using the site’s original backend, we re-imagined the front end, making it adaptable and mobile-friendly. This new site looks better, is easier to use, and more informative for users. We hope that MAAV can incorporate their Facebook feed and other valuable features into the website.

— Lila Jansen, Sophia Gershon, Michal Shlapentokh-Rothman

American Academy of Arts and Sciences


American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an international society that brings together men and women from every field and profession to anticipate, examine, and confront critical issues facing our global society. As one of the nation’s oldest learned societies and independent policy research centers, the Academy convenes leaders from the academic, business, and government sectors to address critical challenges facing our global society.

We improved upon the data base of a beta website, by expanding their filter options, by color coding the different districts of the map, and adding many other advanced features. The project that we are involved in works on a database of organizations that are linked together by collaborations. The project intends to serve as a collaboration and coordination tool for government relations professionals in the science and technology policy community in Washington DC and around the nation.

— Angela Cai, Zoe Lu

Paige Academy


Paige Academy is an independent school offering a comprehensive, culturally affirming and developmentally based educational environment. We provide Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Programs as well as our Elementary School curriculum in Arts, Sciences, Humanities, and Technology for children ages 6 to 12 years. Paige seeks to create a stimulating tapestry of diversity in its community of students, parents, staff and faculty. Paige employs a multi-lingual, international teaching and administrative staff that represents the many people and cultures of the Diaspora.

We helped Paige Academy to set up a computer lab, updated their website, and built a storytelling program that recognizes students’ speech and outputs it as text. These projects are essential, because Paige Academy hopes to educate its students in technology and basic programming concepts. Thus, setting up a computer lab significantly improves their service. The storytelling program is targeted to younger children who are developing literacy, and finally the website would be maintained and updated for improved ease of use.

— Cynthia Lu, Emily Tang, Lun Yu

Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly


Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly is a national network of non-profit volunteer-based organizations committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly. They offer to people of goodwill the opportunity to join the elderly in friendship and celebration of life.

We created a scalable and efficient way to match volunteers with elders in need of assistance. The previous system was entirely manual, from approval of requests to entry of elder information to matching the elder with a volunteer. We developed a web app that would alert, match, and assign emergency requests to volunteers via text messages. By automatically notifying large amounts of volunteers of requests, our project frees up the staff’s valuable time for other work.

— Teresa Lin, Kristy Carpenter, Stuti Vishwabhan, Shana Mathew

Seeding Labs


Seeding Labs connects talented researchers in the developing world to the equipment that they need to make a difference. They maintain strong bonds with those researchers, providing the assistance required to maintain the equipment, connecting the researchers to mentors and peers, and helping them find fellowship opportunities.

We helped Seeding Labs increase the amount of equipment they can purchase by automating their search process. Now, instead of manually browsing items on over 15 websites, our web app automatically scrapes this data, sorts offered prices for an item in descending order, and find the median price.

— Venita Boodhoo, Abigail Katcoff, Tho Tran

Pax Populi


Pax Populi, Latin for "people's peace", is a peace-building program within the nonprofit organization Applied Ethics. Pax Populi is a global network with a variety of projects, with a focus on education in Afghanistan. Through its online school, Pax Populi Academy, students can learn English from native speakers, and through these conversations, both student and tutor can learn about each other's culture.

We created a web app that automatically matches students to tutors, freeing up administrators to work on more pressing issues. On the app, students and tutors can specify their availability, preferred gender of their conversant, and other constraints. From this, our algorithm will automatically match students and tutors without the need for administrator overhead.

— Arjun Gupta, Karleigh Moore, Simon Zheng, Cheahuychou Mao