Applied Ethics

Applied Ethics is an organization that works to build peace in Afghanistan by connecting with and educating students. Robert McNulty received his PhD in Ethics in 2006, and with the advent of the Internet and Social Media, he realized he could leverage these tools to connect to and help people facing conflict. In 2007, Applied Ethics was founded. This organization’s most popular program is Pax Populi, founded in September 2010, which focuses on people-to-people peacebuilding

Improve tutoring scheduling application

The Applied Ethics team continued the work of a previous Code for Good team by debuggin and improving their code. Within the scheduler they removed the necessity of matching gender preferences as the client felt the feature was now out of date. They also added additional functionality that the client wanted, such as the ability of the coordinators to update and access only users that were part of the schools, regions, or countries that they were coordinators for. They also added the ability to reset your password.

— Umang Bansal, Kit Haines, Jay Hilton, Xiaoran Qu, Pranali Vani

Cambridge School Volunteers

Cambridge School Volunteers, a local organization that works with Cambridge public schools through several different programs. Though they also have programs like drop-in math help and science olympiad advising, their main responsibility is matching students with tutors for one-on-one help in classes.

Create tutoring scheduling and placement system

Through providing a more streamlined and intuitive method for users to participate in the Cambridge Schools’ tutoring system, our project aids in supporting our nonprofit’s ultimate mission of supporting the academic success of the students attending the Cambridge Latin School. With our project, students and prospective tutors may be able to easily sign up for the tutoring program while the administrators will be able to remain in control of the matching process.

— Alison Fang, Nathaniel Kim, Hanna Yang, Susanna Chen

The Clubhouse Network

The Clubhouse Network, is comprised of Clubhouses all over the world to provide underserved communities with a safe out-of-school learning environment encouraging students to explore and develop their own projects through adult mentorship and technology.

Develop a better check in system

Our original goals for this project described a fairly basic account system for administrators and coordinators, where the coordinator page could track student check-ins and check-outs, and both accounts could view data. The features we originally included were the abilities to add, edit, and remove Clubhouses and students, to include password authentication for sign-in and between pages that students could access, and to change the language of our web page according to location. In addition to practicality, design and appearance were very important, so we included The Clubhouse Network’s logo and their provided set of colors and fonts.

— Ashley Chen, Wanlin Li, Carolyn Mei, Katie Wu

YWCA Cambridge

YWCA Cambridge provides safe, affordable accommodations for girls, women, and families and advocate for human rights. They also rent out spaces for community events.

Streamline room reservations

Our project will streamline the workflow for room rentals for our partner by displaying the available times in a clear calendar on the YWCA website and reduce the time needed for managing rental requests by improving behind-the-scenes bookkeeping in Google Sheets. This will free up time to do other administrative tasks for YWCA Cambridge. Our initial goals for the project were to create a better version of the existing request system that displayed the available times for the event spaces.

— Annie Liu, Jeffrey Shen, Katherine Yang