Collaborative for High Performance Schools Inc. (CHPS)

The mission of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools is to nationally foster well-designed, operated, and maintained K-12 educational facilities that enhance student performance; positively impact student, teacher, and staff health and wellness; make education more enjoyable and rewarding; and promote positive environmental stewardship.

Updating CHPS website with sitemap

This January, we were able to help CHPS by creating a webpage with a sitemap, which will automatically update with any website changes and will allow users to navigate the website structure from a single page. We also helped CHPS by adding a project section to their user dashboard layout so that people can view their past and current projects easily alongside the rest of their account information. Finally, we helped CHPS by analyzing a report of broken links on their site and finding patterns among broken links with similar errors.

— Karissa Sanchez, Esha Ranade


CovEducation, a nonprofit started during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide free resources for K-12 students by matching them with over 3000 one-on-one mentors and tutors, who provide personal, academic and college advice.

Video conferencing and web design for K-12 student mentors/tutors

The team worked with CovEducation to develop the newest version of their website. They integrated a video conferencing platform on the website with the purpose of analytics tracking for research. To do this, they pulled data from the Firestore database to create unique meeting IDs for each mentor and mentee pair and used the Jitsi Meet API. The team also improved existing pages and added new pages to the website.

— Hannah Kim, Sadhana Lolla, Claire Lu, Ellen Wang, Katherine Zhao

El Camino South Asian Heart Center

The South Asian Heart Center of the El Camino Hospital helps the South Asian Community (people who originate from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal) reduce the incidence of heart disease and diabetes, as it affects South Asians at a younger age and more malignantly than the general population.

Designing an App for Heart Attack Prevention

The team developed a mobile app to track and engage participants in the Center's lifestyle platform, which uses a lifestyle intervention called MEDS (Meditation, Exercise, Diet, Sleep)

— Ophelia Zhu, Yunxing (Lucy) Liao

Girls Who Venture

Girls Who Venture explores and expands our knowledge of women entrepreneurship and the venture capital segment through education, research, knowledge dissemination, and facilitated collaboration, particularly in developing and underdeveloped countries”

Teaching investments using games

Used HTML/CSS/Javascript and Python with, an open-source simulation framework, to implement a single-player venture capitalist game - Game incorporates key decision-making points that simulate choices made by real-world investors, including: - Negotiating with companies to make investments - Tracking progress of companies - Selling shares and exiting companies

— Elisabeth Bullock, Jason Li, Evelyn Peters

People Making a Difference Blue Lobster Bowl

PMD aims to create a world of socially aware and engaged communities focusing on volunteerism to make a real difference. They are running the 2021 edition of the virtual Blue Lobster Bowl, a regional competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl.

Creating an online quiz platform

The team developed a timed, password-protected online quiz system for Science Bowl Team Challenge Questions. On our website, admin can input questions and desired settings, students can answer questions simultaneously with their teams, proctors can monitor teams, and graders can grade student answers and download final result.

— Jessica Pan, Monica Liu

Tutoring Plus of Cambridge

Tutoring Plus advances educational equity by supporting youth in their academic, personal and social growth through free, individualized tutoring, mentoring and enrichment programs.

Automating feedback requests and attendance

The Tutoring Plus team automated the process of reminding tutors to fill out a survey after each session. The team developed a script that checks the attendance spreadsheet and the form responses received, and emails those tutors who were present but have not yet filled out the survey. The nonprofit can run the script by clicking a button, and has the option to specify the subject line and body of the email or use a default message. This tool will streamline the nonprofit's workflow and improve the response rate of their survey.

— Anne Bryan, Ishika Shah, Vivienne Zhang

VHL Alliance

VHL Alliance is dedicated to research, education, awareness to support patients affected by VHl (Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome), which is a genetic cancer that causes tumors and/or cysts to grow in various organs, especially blood vessels. VHL is mostly managed through surgeries, surveillance, and frequent doctor’s appointments.

Mobile app to support patients

The VHL Alliance Team (Mia Tian, Isabella Salinas, and Janabel Xia) built a mobile app for Android users that helps support VHL patients in managing their disease. The app allows patients to manage their appointments and save medical contacts as well as provide an on-the-go tool to access information about their condition. App features include links to the VHL website, access to VHL Alliance’s social media contacts and email address, a calendar to keep track of appointments, a contact list, access to the VHL Alliance Handbook, the ability to change font sizes, and the ability to show alerts that teach the patient how to use the app.

— Mia Tian, Janabel Xia, Isabella Salinas