TransCultural Exchange

TransCultural Exchange's mission is to foster a greater understanding of world cultures through high-quality art projects, cultural exchanges and educational programming, most notably, a biennale International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts.

Transitioned a website to Wordpress

TransCultural Exchange's webmaster recently passed away, making the 30-year old HTML website unmanageable for the team, who did not contribute to writing the site and are not technically fluent. Our team researched, recommended, and helped transition the website to Wordpress with Bluehost and the Elementor extension; we worked to preserve the website's look. content, and unique landing page, and left the non-profit with a tutorial for how they can continue to maintain, edit, and add to their website without us.

— Tarang Lunawat, Kelly Lu, Michelle Wang, Neha Pant, Swathi Senthil

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Boston

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Boston (DBSA-Boston) strives to help its members live healthy and dignified lives. They do so by providing a safe and secure setting for people to share from their own experiences and to care for others as they in turn share from their own experiences.

Data visualization

We wanted to show the impact of donations on the non-profit by creating charts of member attendance.

— Daniel Villagran, Weiduo Zhu, Sarah Lohmar

We Need To Talk

We Need to Talk is an initiative that aims to provide sanitary materials to rural women in Turkey and to destroy the stigma around it.

Data analysis and visualization

We built a model to calculate a "Period Poverty Score" that describes lack of access to menstrual products, education, hygiene and healthcare facilities for menstruating women in Turkish provinces. We also incorporated results from a survey posted on We Need to Talk’s Instagram and Twitter pages. Lastly, we generated a heatmap that displays the period poverty score in each Turkish province.

— Andrew Gu, Nabil Khalil, Nikasha Patel, Bill Wu